BaitPro Todd Huckabee Crappie & Sunfish Bait Booster Sprays

BaitPro Todd Huckabee Crappie & Sunfish Bait Booster Sprays

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Crappie might be described as Americas favorite panfish. These scrappy and aggressive carnivores love a nice morsel and respond incredibly well to jigs, bait, scent or a combination of all three.

Bait Booster sprays by BaitPro have proven to work well for murky, muddy and dingy water situations. Their UV trails will help trigger an aggressive feeding behavior from Crappie that causes these feisty feeders to hang on!

  • Available in 4 fish catching scents. Bloody Minnow UV, Bloody Shad UV, Nightcrawler UV and Garlic UV.
  • Convenient 1 oz. Spray Bottle Applicator 
  • How to use: Simply spray one or two pumps of the applicator directly onto your jig or live bait and start fishing. 

Watch the Bait Booster Spray in action below. Notice the reaction of all fish, once the Bait Booster Spray is applied to the jig and introduced to the tank.

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