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The GUNKSTICK is designed to Eliminate Slime, Cottonwood Seeds, Water Fleas and Debris from your fishing line and fits all fishing rods available on the market today. The only thing left is a GUNK FREE Fishing Line and Reel!

Works with:

  • Cottonwood Seed
  • Spiny Water Flea
  • Slime
  • And Debris

   Works on:

  • Open Face Reels
  • Bait-Caster Reels
  • Closed-Face Reels

Use attached to your fishing pole while fishing or simply use as a hand tool to remove gunk off your fishing line!  

  • Available in Large (Black) for 10 lb. Test Fishing Line and Above and Small (Green) for 9 lb. Test Fishing Line and Below.
  • Not for use on Fly Fishing Combos