Bobby Garland Crappie Baits Now Available

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We are proud to now carry the #1 Crappie Baits in the industry, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits. Bobby Garland Baits are made-in-America using the finest soft-plastic injection molding equipment in the industry.

Our selection will include America's favorite Crappie Bait the 2" Baby Shad. The Baby Shad is the perfect combination of a solid body and a thin spear-tail for enticing Crappie. See the Baby Shad in action below:

Other Bobby Garland products that are available now include the 2" Slab Slay'R from the spear tail collection, the Stroll'R from the swim tail collection and Mo' Glo Jigheads. These Mo' Glo Jigheads feature high phosphorous levels added to the durable vinyl finish. This ensures the Mo' Glo heads high-gloss colors glow brighter and longer than traditional glow paints.

Bobby Garland Mo' Glo Slab JamThe last two products can add an extra appeal to get Slabs to bite! The Bobby Garland Crappie Rattles and the Mo' Glo Slab Jam. The Crappie Rattles are 3 mm glass tubes that have 3 balls that "rattle". These can be inserted into any softbait to add sound and vibration. The Mo' Glo Slab Jam adds minnow appeal to your soft plastic Crappie jig without the hassle of live bait. This new all natural amino-acid based minnow scent gel is formulated especially for Crappie. Apply to bait joints and scent channels for long-lasting performance. Adheres to external surfaces too.

These are the first stocked items from the numerous Bobby Garland product lineup, that is currently available in our online store. Please look for remaining Bobby Garland products to be added soon! Visit our Online Store.

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